06/18/2013 12:04 EDT | Updated 08/18/2013 05:12 EDT

West Vancouver debates cellphone towers

An open house will be held in West Vancouver Tuesday night, to allow residents to have their say on three new cell towers proposed for their community.

Telecommunications giant, Rogers Communications brought their plan to build the innovative towers forward to improve coverage in the area.

Early designs show the towers are not large and spread out but tall, skinny, box-like structures about 36 metres tall, with the equipment on the inside.

Architect Vance Harris with the design company Dialog said the sites are under review along the Highway One corridor, but the towers will have a unique design to suit the community.

"Obviously people are always concerned when something is going up within eyesight of their homes or their neighbourhood and really that's something we've always been aware of and why so much effort has been placed to make these really a cut above the typical installation," he said.

Harris said there will also be material at the open house tonight to address health concerns over the towers and past community input led to the new design.

"It's meant to be just a new take on how this type of expanding infrastructure is dealt with in a more sensitive way," he said.

"The bandwidth required to serve all of those users streaming live video and the like is just not there. We're certainly not gilding the lily just for one jurisdiction."

The open house takes place Tuesday night at 5 p.m. PT at St. David's Church in West Vancouver.