06/19/2013 04:46 EDT

Christy Clark Pay Hikes Rolled Back Amid Controversy


Premier Christy Clark is rolling back controversial pay hikes for political staffers as she campaigns for a Kelowna byelection seat.

Clark is backtracking on approved administrative changes that created new chiefs of staff positions in every government ministry, as well as a higher pay grade two weeks ago in light of a public outcry, The Globe and Mail reported.

"Leadership is about listening to people," she said.

All salaries will now return to their original levels except for her deputy chief of staff, who will get a pay raise, although it won't be as high as before, CBC News reported.

Clark admitted that the pay raises don't fit in with her election promise to rein in government spending, although she also said that the rollback has nothing to do with the byelection in Kelowna-Westside, The Vancouver Sun reported.

Clark is running against NDP candidate Carole Gordon. Kelowna-Westide voters head to the polls July 10.

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