06/19/2013 10:45 EDT | Updated 08/19/2013 05:12 EDT

Tory MP Fined $155 For Driving Through Hill Security Stop


Less than a week after Tories attacked NDP Leader Tom Mulcair for failing to stop for the RCMP on Parliament Hill, Conservative MP Eve Adams was caught and fined by security for talking on her cellphone as she drove through a checkpoint.

After the first reports of a $155 distracted driving ticket surfaced in the media, Adams admitted to the incident on Twitter, although she did not explicitly confirm that she was fined for talking on her mobile device.

"I recently received a traffic ticket outside the main precinct for not coming to a complete stop," she wrote.

"Unlike Mr. Thomas Mulcair, I immediately stopped. Unlike Mr. Mulcair, I did not intimidate the officer. Unlike Mr. Mulcair, I received a ticket. I immediately paid the ticket," she tweeted, while not confirming the dollar amount of the fine.

"At no time did I identify myself as a Member of Parliament and since I do not wear an MP pin, I could not have pointed to a pin," she wrote.

The driving ticket is not the first controversy to surface for Adams, the member for Ontario's Mississauga-Brampton South riding, as the House rises for summer recess.

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Missing records in her Elections Canada files following revelations that she claimed a range of personal expenses — from steak dinners to dry cleaning to a single cupcake — in her 2011 campaign filings have drawn attention to her spending habits.

Mulcair apologized late last week for what he characterized as a "misunderstanding" after he drove through first a security checkpoint and then several stop signs, all without stopping, despite being followed by a RCMP vehicle with its lights on.

Reports said Mulcair, who was driving the car, proceeded to his parking spot behind Centre Block on Parliament Hill. When he then spoke to the RCMP officer, he asked, "Don't you know who I am?" and suggested the officer would be in trouble for following him.

The NDP leader's office last week said the conversation was "respectful" and noted that no warnings or citations were issued.

Tories keep hammering Mulcair

Conservatives made hay in question period when the story first broke last Thursday.

"If the NDP believe in accountability and responsibility their leader should show up in the House and explain himself and why he broke the law today," said Heritage Minister James Moore.

The hammering on Mulcair continued Tuesday.

"The NDP leader's true colours were on display last week. In a stunning display of elitism, he demanded special treatment from law enforcement," Public Safety Minister Vic Toews said.

Speaking to reporters Wednesday, Mulcair continued to dismiss the incident as "simple" and "over and done with."

He said that he'd been going through that gate the same way — "saying 'hi' to the duty officer, going through" — and that after the incident he went down and met with the duty officer at the gate, who had just started her job. They apologized to each other, he said.

"I don't think anything more needs to be said at this stage," he said.

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