06/19/2013 15:24 EDT | Updated 08/19/2013 05:12 EDT

Wednesdays with @Kady replay: House off for now, Rae gone for good

A flurry of sudden deal-making has sprung MPs from a grumpy House of Commons a few days early.

(The Senate will sit for a few more days, however, to finish off a few things on the government's legislative agenda.)

The surprises don't stop there, with Bob Rae announcing just this morning his intention to resign his seat before the House of Commons returns next September.

All three parties held end-of-sitting news conferences today to mark the end of a raucus few months on Parliament Hill, marked by the Senate expenses scandal, MP tussles with Elections Canada and no shortage of controversial legislative moves.

After the final caucus meetings wrapped up, with MPs taking stock before scattering off to their ridings for the summer, Kady O'Malley hosted her final people's caucus.

- What do you make of what was accomplished – or not – this spring?

- Do current public opinion numbers reflect your read of whose stock is going up or down in the face of recent controversies?

- What do you think of the last-minute deal that saw the Commons rise last night – was it sneaky? brilliantly strategic? merciful?

- How significant is it that there will be no further question periods now that Prime Minister Stephen Harper has returned from his European trip?

- What should we expect next: a cabinet shuffle? the much-rumoured prorogation so we can have a fresh Throne Speech in the fall?

- How will the spring's events dog the Tory convention, starting next Thursday in Calgary?

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