06/20/2013 10:29 EDT | Updated 06/21/2013 09:39 EDT

Bragg Creek Flooding: House Captured Floating Down River (VIDEO)

Warning: NSFW Language

Widespread flooding in Southern Alberta caused devastating damage to a home caught in the flood water.

The video captures a house floating down the gushing river as onlookers express shock.

"I offer my sincerest condolences to those who lost their homes. It is incredibly sad," said user ZabaOfficial who uploaded the video.

Torrential rains and widespread flooding throughout southern Alberta on Thursday washed out roads and bridges, sent residents scurrying for safety, and delivered up surreal scenes of cars, couches and refrigerators just floating away.

The RCMP also put out a call for help to the Canadian Armed Forces, which sent in two helicopters and a Hercules aircraft to help extract people stranded by water.

Flooding In Southern Alberta, June 20, 21

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