06/20/2013 03:15 EDT | Updated 06/20/2013 05:13 EDT

Nicki Minaj's Topless Twitter Photo Will Blow Your Mind (VIDEO)

Nicki Minaj isn't afraid to show her, um, goods.

The outspoken singer gave us a hint of her charms when she retweeted a topless photo of herself with her hands over her breasts.

The photo, which the former "American Idol" judge says was taken at her W magazine photo shoot last year, was first posted by Nicki's producer and rumoured boyfriend, Scaff Beezy. (Guess he didn't care that the whole world can now ogle Minaj's ta-tas!)

If her Twitter fans could tear themselves away from staring at the "Starships" singer's chest, they would notice that the wacky fashionista was also sporting a gorgeous wedding gown, which hung off the star's curves, a huge white wig and her signature colourful nails.

The W fashion shoot had Nicki dress up in many silk embroidered gowns and outlandish wigs in the style of the royal French court in the 18th century; costumes which are practically day-wear for Nicki. (Have you seen her famous 2012 Grammys outfit?)

We're just waiting for the day when Minaj is caught wig-free and bare-faced.

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