06/21/2013 01:20 EDT | Updated 06/21/2013 05:43 EDT

Calgary Flooding: Zoo Animals Moved To Higher Ground

So, what's happening to the Calgary Zoo's animals during the flood?

Well, a few of the big cats could be heading to the big house.

Zoo spokeswoman Laurie Skene told the Calgary Herald the zoo is looking at a number of options for their cats, and the new court centre holding cells may be an option.

The four lions, two snow leopards and six tigers are currently in the zoo's animal health centre enclosures, but may be moved if flooding worsens.

The Calgary Zoo, which sits along the swelling Bow River, is closed to visitors Friday and will remain so for the weekend.

"As the Bow River continues to rise zoo staff are taking measures to secure and move animals to safe locations," the Zoo said in a statement.

Parts of the zoo are currently under water and Yahoo news reports two pot-bellied pigs have been transferred to an animal shelter, and the gorillas are being kept in the highest part of their enclosure. Two zebras have been moved to the zoo’s Wildlife Conservation Centre south of the city.

Mayor Nenshi told the Globe and Mail zookeepers are at the Zoo with the animals.

“The keepers are incredibly dedicated and they are out there taking good care of their charges,” he said.

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