06/23/2013 05:38 EDT | Updated 06/23/2013 05:43 EDT

Supermoon 2013 Pictures Show A Brilliant Sky (PHOTOS)

The supermoon might be a little overhyped, but photos of the astronomical phenomenon are still pretty to look at.

The moon reached the spot in its orbit closest to Earth Sunday morning, appearing larger and brighter than normal.

Sunday night is also a good time to view the supermoon, the largest full moon of 2013.

But Charles O’Dale, former president of Ottawa's Royal Astronomical Society of Canada branch, told the Ottawa Citizen that most people gazing at the heavens won’t see a huge difference.

“The only way you can really know a difference is if you had an instrument to measure the angular size of the moon. Sometimes you can see the moon when its furthest away, and then when it’s closest, the angle will be bigger. That’s all. You can’t discern that with your ordinary eye,” he said.

But it’s still nice to look up at the sky and see a special celestial event.

See photos of the 2013 supermoon and HuffPost Science's supermoon live blog below.

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