06/23/2013 12:39 EDT | Updated 06/24/2013 10:32 EDT

Trans-Canada Highway Closures Remain Between Canmore And Banff

The Trans-Canada Highway remains closed between Canmore and Banff, after serious flooding hit the area this week, wiping out parts of the major roadway.

However, for the first time since the flooding hit Thursday, people are allowed to travel on the highway east of Canmore - giving those stranded in the small mountain town an opportunity to head to Calgary and beyond.

According to the Town of Banff, people are allowed to exit Canmore over the Bow River Bridge and then via the Three Sisters Parkway, following detour signs.

Once on the Trans-Canada, the speed limit is 60 km/h and passing is not permitted.

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No one will be allowed back into Canmore on the highway until further notice.

Motorists in Banff who need to get to Calgary are asked to take the Highway 93 south or Highway 93 north. There is also a designated shuttle between Banff and the Calgary airport.

Officials are also restricting travel into Canmore, with no private vehicles permitted on the Trans-Canada or Highway 1A between Highway 40 and Canmore.

Motorists can still access Banff National Park and the Town of Banff from the west, but further travel on to Canmore will not be allowed.

People needing to transport between Banff and Canmore must use the "Roam" shuttle bus until further notice.

The following highway closures and distrupitons remain in effect for Southern Alberta:

  • Hwy 22 between Hwy 22X and Turner Valley is closed due to flooding.
  • Hwy 842 is closed south of Hwy 1 at Bow River Bridge due to flooding.
  • Hwy 758 remains closed due to flooding. No access to Hwy 66.
  • Hwy 36, near the Bow River, will be closed until further notice due to the rising water level of the Bow River. Motorists are advised to take an alternative route as Hwy 36 will be closed northbound at the town of Vauxhall and southbound at Secondary Highway 530.
  • Hwy 93 is now open from Lake Louise north to Saskatchewan Crossing. Hwy 93 is now open all the way to Jasper. Semi's are not allowed on Hwy 93 north.
  • Southbound Hwy 2 traffic is down to one lane due to flooding, watch for signs.
  • Hwy 22 south of Hwy 8 remains closed due to the extensive flooding in Bragg Creek.
  • Hwy 68 from Powderface to Hwy 40 is closed due to flooding.
  • Speargrass Bridge crossing HWY24 has been closed for northbound and southbound traffic due debris in the river.
  • Hwy 24 is closed, 10 km north of Hwy 547, near Carseland due to flooding.
  • Hwy 520 is closed to through traffic west of Claresholm due to flooding. It is open to local traffic only.
  • The bridge near Arrowwood on Hwy 547 is closed due to flooding.
  • Hwy 40 from Highway 1 up through Kananaskis is closed due to flooding.
  • Hwy 66 is closed between the junction of Hwy 22 and Elbow Falls Winter Closure due to severe flooding.
  • Hwy 1A is closed west of Exshaw due to a washout.