06/24/2013 03:54 EDT | Updated 08/24/2013 05:12 EDT

Lost Baby Moose Gets Ride In RCMP Cruiser

United States, North America

The Gander SPCA has had many unusual guests over the years — crows, hawks, and even a fox.

But the latest guest may be the most unusual — a very young moose.

She doesn't have a name, but they're thinking about calling her Apple because she was found just east of Appleton.

Bonnie Harris, the manager of the Gander SPCA, just happened to be on the Trans-Canada Highway Sunday when she saw a crowd gathered.

“The moose was crying out for its mom, but no sign of her,” Harris said.

“A couple of people from the Glenwood area had said that there were two moose hit in the last week in that area, so we assumed it was probably mom that was hit.”

The moose is only about three or four weeks old, and was pretty stressed when she was put in the back of an RCMP cruiser.

But she later calmed down, after four litres of milk.

“She would never have had a chance left out there,” Harris said. “We don't know what her chances are now, but at least she has a chance now.”

There's not a lot of work getting done at the Gander SPCA today, with the unusual visitor in residence.

But soon the moose will be moved again — this time to the Salmonier Nature Park.

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