06/24/2013 10:32 EDT | Updated 06/24/2013 10:40 EDT

Calgary Flooding: Inspiring Video Shows Crazy Floods, City's Strength

The people of Calgary have shown they can come together in the midst of crisis and one resident wants to showcase it.

YouTube user Bradley Stuckel's inspiring video, "For Our Tomorrow - Calgary Flood 2013," uploaded Monday, shows a swamped province — houses, streets and parks partially submerged in water. It also shows emergency officials redirecting traffic, neighbours helping one another clean up and residents wading through muddy water as they hold onto their belongings.

"A good message must be: Kept very simple, and must reach all people. — Phil Bartle", Stuckel writes in the video's description, adding that he hopes to encourage people to donate to Calgary flood relief.

The video has already received a huge response. Calgary Police even asked Stuckel in the comments section if they could share the video on their YouTube page.

Others shared positive messages. YouTube user Lindsey Ward wrote, "What a beautiful video. I'm so proud of my city!"

Here's an updated list of ways you can help flood victims.

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