06/24/2013 10:14 EDT | Updated 08/24/2013 05:12 EDT

New Brunswick Liberal leader raised more than $210,000 in leadership bid

FREDERICTON - Brian Gallant raised more than $210,000 in his successful bid to become leader of the New Brunswick Liberal party last October.

The New Brunswick Liberal Association released the list of donors to Gallant's leadership campaign today and called for legislative changes to make it mandatory for all political leadership candidates in the province to report donations.

A total of 210 people donated more than $100 each to Gallant's campaign, with the largest donation coming from Sanjay Siddhartha of Miramichi, who gave $6,000.

The names of those who donate less than $100 were not disclosed.

Meanwhile, 110 companies donated a total of almost $69,000, with Wilson Brook Holdings having the largest donation of $6,000.

Gallant also received almost $18,000 in donated goods and services.

He defeated Mike Murphy and Nick Duidenvoorden (DY-ven-vor-den) to win the party's leadership.

Party president Britt Dysart has written to Elections New Brunswick requesting changes to the Political Process Financing Act to require leadership candidates to disclose donations to their campaigns.