06/24/2013 02:49 EDT | Updated 06/24/2013 02:52 EDT

'Survivorman' Les Stroud Stopped At Border, Not Happy (VIDEO)

"Survivorman" Les Stroud knows being calm and patient is often the key to making it through difficult situations in the wilderness, but it seems he knows how to apply the same principles to the airport.

In a widely-shared YouTube video posted Saturday, Stroud is visibly frustrated with a TSA agent keeping the crew of his TV show from travelling from Toronto to Grenada via Miami. But Stroud expresses his frustration with just the sort of coolness you would expect from someone who recently endured a year-long parasitic worm infestation in his mouth, likely from eating swamp turtle meat in Georgia.

It's important, after all, to keep problems in perspective.

"I guess he's got a lot of sugar in him and he really needs to do something. And he also likes to talk really loud," Stroud patiently explains as the TSA agent at Pearson International Airport prevents his crew from heading south because they lack a carnet travel document for their equipment, even though they called ahead to ensure they didn't need one.

A carnet is essentially a passport for goods, a promise that equipment being carried over a border will not be sold in that country.

Stroud explains that instead of waiting for the TSA to let them through, a member of his crew will just stay behind and ship the gear to Grenada.

Have you ever experienced this sort of frustration at the U.S. border? Would you have stayed as calm? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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