06/25/2013 21:31 EDT | Updated 08/25/2013 05:12 EDT

Dog stolen from Squamish found in Kelowna

A chocolate brown Labrador has been reunited with his U.S. owner after being stolen, along with the man's pickup truck, during a trip to B.C. last weekend.

Frank Choltco-Devlin left his dog, Wyatt, inside his truck while he went rock climbing in Squamish on Sunday.

When he returned to the parking spot, he was shocked to discover his truck and dog were missing.

The Bellingham, Wash. man put the word out on social media and alerted local police, and after a nerve-wracking couple of days, Wyatt was found by police in Kelowna, more than 450 kilometres away.

RCMP say the dog was in the passenger seat of another stolen truck. An Ontario man was taken into police custody.

Choltco-Devlin says he is elated to have his dog back.

"He's absolutely my best friend. So to lose him, even for a little while, was really scary and pretty devastating," he said.

Choltco-Devlin drove to Kelowna to pick up Wyatt this morning and is heading home to Washington state today.