06/26/2013 10:27 EDT | Updated 06/27/2013 06:10 EDT

Alberta Flooding Brings Volunteers Together (PHOTOS)

"Roses are red, violets are blue, how do you thank strangers, who've done so much for you," reads a sign outside a house in Calgary that was devastated by the flood.

"From the bottom of our hearts, sincere thanks, to everyone who's given us a hand," it continues, echoing the sentiment of many, as Albertans come together to help their neighbours while the province deals with the aftermath of a flood.

From famous faces like Lanny McDonald and Laureen Harper showing up to share the workload, to the thousands of Calgarians who showed up to McMahon Stadium and had to be turned away - because the city had too many volunteers, stories of unexpected help are being told over and over in town.

This is the new sexy in Calgary, says Mookie Wilson, a radio host in Calgary, while referring to clothes covered in dirt because of cleanup efforts.

Donations of food, water and household items poured in for Calgary and surrounding communities including Siksika Nation. Many restaurants in Calgary have also been offering free hot meals for those affected by the flood and volunteers.

Photographs of people covered in dirt, wearing rain boots and helping clean out houses were seen across social media, with many volunteers simply showing up to a house and asking if help was needed.

Volunteers washed through old photographs and picked up debris. Many businesses offered their services for free including childcare, pumping out basements, laundry, booking new wedding venues and photo restoration.

"Blown away by Calgary's resilience, love, and kindness to our neighbours," said Amy Redling on Twitter.

Calgary Food Trucks organized a 'flood raiser' to raise money for flood relief efforts, while Calgary Stampede is selling T-shirts with the slogan "Hell or High Water," written on them.

Almost 35,000 of the Calgary Stampede T-shirts have been sold so far, Metro Calgary reports.

Even children decided to take part in the action, and set up cookies and lemonade stands to raise money for flood relief.

"Team, I couldn't be more proud of you all. Thank you for your time," said Calgary alderman John Mar on Twitter.

Take a lot at the countless stories of Albertans coming together to help their neighbours below:

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