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Maestro Fresh Wes, 'Black Trudeau': Iconic MC Takes On Prime Ministers, Rob Ford In New Video

No longer content to let his backbone slide, the legendary Maestro Fresh Wes returns to the game with "Orchestrated Noise," his first album in over a decade, and the lead single "Black Trudeau" in which he takes on everyone from Stephen Harper, Brian Mulroney and Jean Chretien to Mayor Rob Ford, Rene Levesque and the song's namesake Pierre Trudeau. (Y'know, Justin's dad).

Maestro debuted the track late last year during a rapturously received guest appearance at a Public Enemy concert in Toronto -- largely due to this couplet: "I told Rob Ford 'stick to your vision,' but when I saw him eat? Bro 'stick to nutrition -- and now a video for "Black Trudeau" arrives just in time for Canada Day .

Orchestrated Noise is out now and boasts a coterie of old and new-school MCs ranging from Chuck D and Kool G Rapp to Kardinal Offishall, and k-os to rocker Sam Roberts and soprano Measha Brueggergosman.


by Maestro Fresh Wes


Mr. Speaker,

Ladies and gentlemen,

it would be arrogant for me to assume that everyone in the Legislative Assembly knows

who I am. So we're gonna have a little fun,

A little meet-and-greet, a little Hip Hop 101, ya know what I mean?

A little history lesson, yo


Before Drake was on the tour bus rhyming with Wayne,

I was in my basement vibing to Kane,

I be the Prime Minister, The Rap Prime Minister,

Brothers and sisters

I be the black Pierre Elliott speaking to my delegates,

No time for small talk

Inflammatory rhetoric I'm deadin' it, House of Commons know I got knowledge

Out to shatter shit, I'll murder any member in my cabinet

Ain't no debating who's the hardest to kill

Concert Hall's where I brawl, call it Parliament Hill

You're Conservative or Liberal, I'll hit you with the lyrical

Mulroney tried to school me but I'm one smooth criminal

I got Christie Brinkleys, six Lewinskys

Celine and Shania Twain both wanna link me

I'm a stay politicin' , I'll stay winning

When The R hit Vancity guess who hit the stage with him?



If you love Canadian Hip Hop and you know you live in the greatest country in the world,

Put your hands up, if you got two toonies in your pocket and you ride the rocket, put 'em up


Black Trudeau, Rap Juno

Before K'Naan was waving the flag and met Bruno

I was in a class with my teacher Kris Parker

And that's the reason why I'm too sharp for Steve Harper

I got Prime Minister Chrétien telling me I'm trés bien

Heard that before but still it's gotta be known

Mick Jagger's in Toronto still I keep my bravadoI ain’t sweatin’ that, my wifey ain't a fan of The Stones

I told Mr. Kardinal, drop another anthem

The T-Dot Municipal, show 'em we're invincible

I told Rob Ford "stick to your vision", but when I saw him eat?

Bro "stick to nutrition"

Opposition wanna body me, suckers wanna lobby me

Immigrants came to Canada so they could follow me

They loved my Rap Policy wreckin' the set,

René Lévesque knows my style kept Quebec in effect

I be the …


Whether you're a Canucks or Leafs fan

You're reppin' Bloor West or East Van

Whether you're from Galloway or Gottingen

You're Siberian or Somalian

We're one, Put 'em up


Maestro, huh ha, coming straight out of Canada, Canada


Black Trudeau, the one you nominated

Was water-gated since I was inaugurated

Negotiated and debated with Carter and Regan

At the MMVAs spitting bars with Jack Layton

Rivals wanna ruin me,

George Stroumboulopoulos started interviewing me

Now media is pursuing me

Always got their cameras on, ducking from the Babylon,

Pics with Bill Clinton, I get my Drew Dazzle on

The vote seeker, Michaelle Jean made me the keynote speaker

I get massaged by my secretary, she knows it's necessary

Just did a track with G Rap, he knows I'm legendary

Open up the floodgates, immigrants are coming in

I'm taxing any rapper trying to overthrow my government

My Charter of Rights are the hardest to fight

Obama knows I'm phenomenal

I spark on the mic

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