06/26/2013 15:34 EDT | Updated 08/26/2013 05:12 EDT

'People don't need to ride dangerously,' says longboarder

Despite a bylaw effectively banning longboarding, an official in West Vancouver say it's constantly ignored.

"It's extremely difficult to enforce," said Jeff McDonald, in an interview with Rick Cluff on The Early Edition. "We have reports of our officers attempting to enforce it, and people not paying much attention to them."

McDonald says police are now involved because of the lack of compliance with the municipal bylaw.

Earlier this month, three people were injured in two separate accidents in West Vancouver.

Though the district will continue to enforce the bylaw, it will hold a community meeting tonight to discuss longboarding.

"Longboarding is happening in West Vancouver and we think it's time to have a dialogue and get people together to discuss safety, compliance and the risks associated with the sport," said McDonald.

"Great opportunity to make the whole situation safer'

Mike Perreten, co-founder of Landyachtz Longboards, plans to attend tonight's meeting.

"When we hear of people getting injured longboarding, we hate to hear that," Perreten said. "People don't need to be riding dangerously."

He suggested longboarding could be treated similarly to cycling by requiring participants to wear helmets and share the road with vehicles.

Tonight's meeting is from 6 p.m to 8 p.m at the Kay Meek Studio Theatre, 1700 Mathers Ave. in West Vancouver.

With files from the CBC's Michelle Eliot. You can follow her on twitter at @michelle_eliot