06/26/2013 10:27 EDT

Uma Thurman Towers Over Sarah Jessica Parker At 'Charlie And The Chocolate Factory' Premiere (PHOTOS)

Dan Wooller / Rex Features

If there were a battle of the tallest actresses, Sarah Jessica Parker would certainly lose.

That much was clear when the "Sex and the City" star stood next to actress Uma Thurman at the press night for "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" at Theatre Royal on Tuesday in London, England.

The 5'3 star tried to make up for her lack of height by wearing towering stilettos but when that didn't work, the diminutive blond stood on steps beside the 5'11 former model where she at last stood past Thurman's shoulders. Phew, that's a lot of work to make yourself appear taller!

Uma didn't seem to mind that SJP was inching closer to her; the leggy blond looked stunning as usual in an off-the-shoulder cape, matching trousers and strappy sandals. Fresh off her glamorous Cannes 2013 appearance, the mom has been keeping busy taking care of her newborn, 10-month-old Rosalind and is gearing up to play anti-gay activist Anita Bryant in the upcoming film "Anita."

Parker, for her part, dazzled in a sequined black and gold striped dress and looked happy to be joined by husband Matthew Broderick and their son James Wilke.

But where are SJP's adorable (and stylish) twin girls?

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