06/27/2013 04:44 EDT

Deerfoot Trail Reopens After Closure Due To Trail Derailment

Deerfoot Trail has re-opened to all traffic in both directions, according to the City of Calgary.

Deerfoot Trail was closed in both directions early this morning, after a train derailment on the Bonnybrook Bridge early this morning.

The bridge gave way after most of the CP train had crossed. Cars that were still on the tracks were pulled away from either end.

Emergency crews attempted to secure tanker cars loaded with an oil product and teetering on a broken bridge above the swollen Bow River.

Acting Calgary fire chief Ken Uzeloc said crews had strung a cable through the railcars and secured it to another train carrying rocks so that if the bridge gave way, the cars wouldn't be carried down the river.

Crews hoped to pull another train along a parallel bridge so the cargo could be pumped off and the empty cars safely removed.

"The last thing we want is these cars floating down the river and causing problems downstream," Uzeloc said.

Calgary Emergency management director Bruce Burrell said the cars were not leaking, but booms were being placed down river in case of any spills.

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