06/27/2013 09:13 EDT | Updated 08/27/2013 05:12 EDT

Provinces With The Highest, Lowest Wage Growth


Wage growth in Canada has started to improve somewhat after a sluggish 2012, but whether or not you're seeing the benefits depends largely on where you live.

StatsCan's latest report on payroll and earnings finds very large differences between provinces. For instance, if you live in Ontario, on average you saw slightly more than half the wage growth that Quebecers have seen in the year to April, 2013 (1.5 per cent for Ontario, compared to 2.7 per cent for Quebec).

And some of the provinces seeing the largest wage gains are in the Maritimes. Prince Edward Island came in second among all provinces, with wage growth of 4.1 per cent on average. However, P.E.I.'s average weekly wage of $758 is well before the national average of $910, meaning that even at this pace the province is playing catch-up to the rest of the country.

Check out the provinces with the fastest and slowest wage growth in Canada. (Story continues below)

Wage Growth By Province, April 2013

The Canadian Press reports:

OTTAWA - Statistics Canada says average weekly earnings of non-farm payroll employees rose 0.2 per cent to $910 in April compared with March.

It says earnings were up 2.2 per cent on a year-over-year basis.

Year-over-year growth in average weekly earnings outpaced the national average in six of the largest industrial sectors, led by professional, scientific and technical services as well as public administration.

In professional, scientific and technical services, average weekly earnings rose by 3.7 per cent to $1,291, while wages in public administration were also up 3.7 per cent to $1,163.

Weekly earnings in retail trade edged down 0.6 per cent to $524 in the 12 months to April.

The agency says earnings in retail trade have been hovering around this level for a year, as small gains in hourly earnings have been offset by declines in average weekly hours.