06/27/2013 04:31 EDT | Updated 08/27/2013 05:12 EDT

How many Canadians are on the Hollywood walk of fame? it's Canada by the numbers

Canada turns 146 this Canada Day. Some other numbers and their significance for Canada.

4: The number of Canadian provinces on day of Confederation.

9: The number of Canadians to travel to space.

12: The number of Academy Awards given to National Film Board productions.

16: The number of UNESCO world heritage sites (with 8 more listed as tentative).

21: The number of Canadian Nobel laureates.

33: The number of years O Canada has been the official national anthem.

56: The number of Canadian-born celebrities with stars on the Hollywood walk of fame.

85: The percentage of the world's maple syrup produced in Canada (most of which comes from Quebec).

200, approximately: The number of languages spoken in Canadian homes as of 2011.

308: The number of seats in the House of Commons.

525: The number of Canadians to play in an NHL game during the 2011-12 season (making up 53 per cent of total players in the league).

36,138: The average income (in U.S. dollars) per capita as of 2012.

8,892: The length (in kilometres) of border between U.S. and Canada (making it the longest international boundary in the world).

1.4 million: The aboriginal population of Canada as of 2011.

9,984,671: Canada's total area in square kilometres.

33,476,688: Canada's population as of 2011.