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New Capital Of Canada Deathmatch: The Final Round

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We started with eight cities. But after all your votes we've narrowed them down to two cities! One of these cities will be crowned Canada's new capital.

When we asked you for your reasons why these cities should be considered one of Canada's new capitals you told us.

Toronto, Canada's largest city came on strong and has a lot going for it. In the last round it narrowly edged out Halifax. Here are some of our readers' reasons for nominating Hogtown as Canada's new capital.

Proximity to everything. I've lived all across Canada and Toronto is multicultural with a good sampling of citizens representing every aspect of Canadian life. But not while Rob Ford is still mayor. — Jerry.

In England, the capital is London. In France, the capital is Paris. Only when the political capital is the country's cultural, economic and financial centre can the nation's people truly form a civilization. — Francois

Canada = Diversity. Toronto = one of the most diverse city in the world. As globalization raises the profile of cities, Toronto is the only 'world city' in Canada. — Shoaib

And our final round is going to be a battle of Ontario. Many of our readers seem to think Ottawa is doing just fine as the nation's capital. Here's why they nominated the city.

Ottawa already is equally hated across Canada - establishing a consistent level of contempt that gives citizens confidence that any place so universally hated could never treat anyone else preferentially. Canadian's innate demand for fairness makes Ottawa perfect. — Anonymous

Canada is very diverse and built on the notion of compromising different positions. Since choosing any particular large city over another and declaring it most "Canadian" would suggest other cities are less "Canadian" it seems to make total sense that we picked the most boring non-descript city we could find as the capital. So Ottawa it is! LOL — Phil

The history is there, old mixed with new and don't forget that canal with beaver tails. Ottawa is the greatest city because its the capital, it's not the capital because its the greatest city. — Em

Time to vote! Have your say in the comments below.

We'll reveal the winner of our New Capital deathmatch on Canada Day.

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