06/27/2013 12:16 EDT

Recon Jet, Google Glass For Athletes, Now Available For Sale (VIDEO)

Call it Google Glass for jocks: a Vancouver-based tech company has developed sunglasses that display real-time fitness stats right in front of your eyes.

Recon Jet, the creation of Yaletown-based outfit Recon Instruments, are sports sunglasses that allow athletes to track their performance as they work out. A $499 pilot version of the product is being sold for a limited time, PC Magazine reports.

The pilot version is available until July 21, with deliveries beginning in Dec. 2013. Anyone ordering the glasses after that will pay $599.

The glasses sync with iOS or Android smartphones to present fitness data culled from your heart rate, speed, pace, distance and other data. They also show caller ID and text messages from your phone, Wired reported.

While similar to Google Glass, the creators insist they began developing Recon Jet long before the tech giant released its hot new product.

UBC graduate students Hamid Abdollahi, Fraser Hall and Dan Eisenhardt, now Recon employees, began work on high-tech swimming goggles that provided athletes with real-time fitness information back in 2006, The Vancouver Sun reported.

And while the swim goggles were never realized, Recon later tried heads-up display on ski goggles in partnership with companies such as Oakley and Smith Optics.

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