06/27/2013 04:33 EDT | Updated 08/27/2013 05:12 EDT

Which province has the largest land size? and other questions about Canada

Think you're up to speed on Canadian history and trivia? Test your knowledge with this quiz as Canada turns 146.


1. What is Canada’s highest mountain?

2. Which famous Canadian rap artist named his first mixtape “Room for Improvement”?

3. What was the 10th province to join the Canadian confederation in 1949?

4. During the War of 1812, which famous general was killed in the Battle of Queenston Heights on October 13, 1812?

5. Which Canadian province has the largest land size?

6. The face of which past Canadian prime minister adorns the $100 bill?

7. Canada has two national sports. What are they?

8. Which province was the fifth to join Confederation?

9. What was the name of Canada’s flag before the Maple Leaf?

10. Which statement is most often associated with Canada’s constitution?

11. Which First World War battle has often been described as the beginnings of a Canadian national identity?

12. How many kilometres does Toronto’s famous Yonge Street measure?

13. The world-famous BlackBerry Smartphone was developed by Research in Motion in which Canadian city?

14. On average, how many times a year does the CN Tower get struck by lightning?

15. Which territory has licence plates for cars, motorbikes and snowmobiles in the shape of a polar bear?


1. Mt. Logan (Yukon)

2. Drake

3. Newfoundland and Labrador

4. Isaac Brock

5. Quebec

6. Robert Borden

7. Hockey and lacrosse

8. Manitoba

9. The Red Ensign

10. Peace, order and good government

11. Vimy Ridge

12. 1,896 kilometres

13. Waterloo, Ont.

14. 75

15. Northwest Territories

Source: Provided by The Historica-Dominion Institute to mark the first Canada History Week. Visit to learn more about the institute’s Canadian history, citizenship and identity programming.