06/28/2013 04:09 EDT | Updated 06/28/2013 04:10 EDT

Japanese Pigeon Found In Comox

A Japanese racing pigeon has found a new home in B.C. after taking a wrong turn across the Pacific Ocean.

The pigeon was found earlier this month by a bird rescue volunteer at CFB Comox. The bird had two bands on each of its legs: one showing that it was a racing bird, the other with contact information for an owner all the way back in Japan, The Province reported.

The bird was in poor health when it was found at the Canadian Forces base, tired, thin and infected by a parasite, Mountainaire Avian Rescue Society founder Maj Birch told The Times Colonist.

It turned out that the pigeon had been released as part of a race near Sapporo, Japan on May 10 and was supposed to return to its owner. The society contacted owner Hiroyasu Takasu, who said he would not bring the bird back to Japan because he was concerned about the added stress of another journey across the Pacific.

"[Birds] usually reach their limit in a week, with no food or water. This is a superior pigeon," Takasu told ABC News.

The displaced pigeon has been adopted by an official with Nanaimo's Mid-Island Racing Club. The club is considering to breed it to produce more racers, CTV News reported.

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