06/28/2013 03:37 EDT | Updated 08/28/2013 05:12 EDT

Ottawa to make decision this fall on icebreakers, Navy resupply ships

OTTAWA - The federal government will decide this fall which ships will get built first: Navy resupply ships or coast guard icebreakers.

Government officials say the decision means the schedule for one type of ship will get pushed back so the other can be built first.

The officials held a background briefing today on the progress of the $35-billion shipbuilding procurement project.

In October 2011, the federal government awarded the Irving shipyard a $25-billion deal to build 21 combat vessels in all.

Seaspan Marine Corp. of Vancouver is to build seven vessels under an $8-billion contract for non-combat ships.

A contract for another $2 billion for smaller vessels is yet to be awarded.