06/29/2013 14:18 EDT | Updated 08/29/2013 05:12 EDT

Montreal asks residents to reduce moving-day waste

As Montrealers gear up for the big July 1st move, the city has launched a project aimed at reducing the waste left behind.

The city is asking residents to give their unwanted clothing, books, appliances and toys a second life by participating in the first-ever Grande collecte.

"La Grande collecte is a major initiative launched by our community to divert about 600,000 tonnes of objects from ending up in the landfil during the moving period," said Christian Dubois, the executive committee member responsible for the environment and citizen services.

Today, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., collection points across the city are welcoming Montrealers to drop off their donations and help support families and individuals in need.

Drop-off locations:

- Vestiaire Hochelaga-Maisonneuve: 3344 Place Jeanne d’Arc

- Vestiaire St-Justin: 8830 De Grosbois Street

- Vestiaire Ste-Angèle: 5275 Lavoisier Street

- Vestiaire comptoir: 1930 Champlain Street

- Vestiaire SSVP: 1822 Maisonneuve Boulevard West (in the alleway)

- Vestiaire Accueil Chez Frédéric: 11900, L'Archevêque Street

- Vestiaire St-Vincent Marie Strambi: 10815 Armand – Lavergne Street

- Vestiaire St-Rémi: 10201 des Laurentides Street

- Vestiaire Le Grenier d'Ozanam: 700 St-Jean-Baptiste Street

- Vestiaire Saint-Joseph: 11627 Rivière-des-Prairies Boulevard

- Vestiaire Deuxième vie: 6030 Monk Avenue

- Vestiaire aux trouvailles d’Irène: 4201 Papineau Avenue

- Cartier Emilie: 12395, Lachapelle Street

- Renaissance: 6700, Côte-des-Neiges Road

- Armée de Salut: 5762, Sherbrooke Street West

- Les chevaliers de Colomb: 237 Saint-Jacques Street

- Renaissance: 3200, Masso Street

- La Maison Adrianna: 2500, de Ste-Catherine Street

- La maison des grands-parents de Villeray: 8078, Drolet Street

- Renaissance: 7250, Saint-Laurent Street