06/30/2013 17:12 EDT | Updated 08/30/2013 05:12 EDT

'Moving Day' replaces 'Canada Day' in Quebec Best Buy ad

Best Buy's latest promotion has provoked an angry response on social media, but the company is defending its decision to recognize what it calls the "Moving Day holiday" in Quebec.

Many people have been surprised to see a flyer promoting a "Moving Day Sale" in Quebec on July 1. The same promotion is being advertised in the rest of the country as a "Canada Day Sale."

July 1 is a popular moving day in Quebec, since many leases in the province terminate at the end of June.

Early Sunday afternoon, Best Buy Canada’s Facebook page had about 30 angry posts from customers, many of them threatening to boycott the store.

"You know we celebrate Canada Day in Quebec too, right?" wrote Facebook user Lori-Anne Sernoskie.

Elizabeth Henry joked, "Can anyone tell me where to find a Moving Day flag? I have a Canadian Flag that needs replacing."

Danielle Jang, spokeswoman for Best Buy, replied to the criticism in a statement sent to CBC News.

"Like every year, we feel it is important to recognize the Moving Day holiday in Quebec because it is a significant day in this market and it's the only place in Canada where this happens," she said.

"We want to celebrate and recognize this as an important day."