07/02/2013 02:43 EDT

How Many Times Do Canadians Re-Watch Their Favourite Movies?


How many stars are there in space? What percentage of monkeys is left-handed?

How many times has the average Canadian seen his/her favourite movie?

We might never find definite answers for the first two questions, but a polling firm has managed to conjure up an estimate for the latter.

The average Canadian, according to an Ipsos Reid poll conducted on behalf of Cineplex, has watched their favourite movie approximately 17 times.

The poll was conducted between May 9-14, 2013 with a sample of 2,104 Canadians “who identified themselves as having watched at least one movie, in any format, in the last month,” according to Ipsos.

It found that women re-watched their favourite flick 20 times, while men re-watched 14 times.

The poll shows that 55 per cent of young Canadians aged 18-34 "agree that ‘when they see a great movie in theatres, they generally buy the movie on DVD or some other format afterwards.'"

The poll also concluded that the younger the individual, the more he or she has re-watched the movie, with young Canadians re-watching their favourite movie approximately 31 times.

The Ipsos poll comes after Cineplex announced its new SuperTicket, a one-price ticket that gives customers normal theatre access as well as a digital copy of the film for later use.

"The world is changing, the technology is changing," Cineplex president and CEO Ellis Jacob said.

"People want things instantly and they want to be able to watch them on different devices. This provides them with all of those options."

Cineplex, according to The Canadian Press, is Canada’s largest cinema company that — with a recent $200-million purchase — now owns 78 per cent of movie-theatre business in the country.

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