07/02/2013 11:20 EDT

Rihanna Wears Slinky Unbuttoned Shirt Dress At Chanel Show (PHOTOS)

Would Anna Wintour approve?

Rihanna dared to anger the iconic Vogue editor-in-chief when she wore a slinky unbuttoned shirt dress which made it look like the singer had no underwear on underneath.

The "Diamonds" songstress was in Paris at the Chanel haute couture show on Tuesday making sure all eyes were on her (and not fellow Chanel-lover Kristen Stewart) by "forgetting" to wear a bra and maybe even her other undergarments.

Channeling her inner Madonna, Chris Brown's ex sported strands and strands of pearls and toted a cute quilted lunchbox-style Chanel purse and the French brand's iconic two-toned capped heels.

Flaunting her perfect, 25-year-old skin, RiRi even tweeted that she didn't catch any zzzz's the night before the show:

So will we see Rihanna partnering with the iconic fashion house in the near future? Will Karl Lagerfeld make RiRi the face of Chanel No. 5? Will Anna Wintour avert her eyes as she puts her on the cover of Vogue magazine (for the third time)?

If the Instagram-lover sticks to her barely-there wardrobe, the Barbadian beauty might be offered more Playboy covers rather than photo shoots styled by Vogue's premiere style editor, Grace Coddington.

But we're sure newly-minted Vogue favourite Jennifer Lawrence could help a sister out; The September issue covergirl ran into Bad Girl RiRi while they were having dinner in Paris on Monday. Rihanna tweeted: "Bumped into the extraordinary Jennifer Lawrence at dinner! #Paris"

Here's an idea for Anna Wintour: How about you put Rihanna AND Jennifer Lawrence on the cover together?

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