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Amanda Korody, Canada Day Terror Plot Suspect, Led Troubled Life

Amanda Korody, one of the alleged Canada Day terror plot suspects, was a troubled young woman, according to those who knew her when she still lived in Ontario.

Her identity was often shaped by those closest to her, Whitney Harte who went to the same high school, told the St. Catharines Standard.

The two kept in touch via Facebook, eventually falling out after Korody converted to Islam and posted a photo wearing a niqab, Harte told the local news organization.

Jeffery Rossetto met Korody in 2001, just before she moved to B.C., the paper reported. She was working in a record store and they played in a band together, he said. He described Korody as a kind-hearted person, and expressed shock at news of her arrest, suggesting she is in someway a victim of circumstance.

Originally from Ontario, Korody was identified by The Toronto Star to be the adopted daughter of a St. Catharines dentist. Her relationship with her biological mother and father was strained, said her cousin Josh Korody.

She moved West about a decade ago, her cousin told the Star.

Korody and Nuttall were both described as polite by their landlords.

“They ... always looked like they [had] something, drugs or alcohol, but they never [caused] anything bad,” said their landlady.

Photographs from the couple’s Surrey basement apartment show empty bottles of methadone prescribed in Korody’s name. They were both recovering addicts who received regular deliveries from a local pharmacy, reported The Vancouver Sun.

Korody was arrested Monday along with her partner John Nuttall in Abbotsford, B.C. They are each charged with three counts related to an alleged "al-Qaeda" inspired plan to attack Canada Day celebrations at B.C.’s provincial legislature in Victoria.

Prior to her arrest, Korody had no criminal record. She is scheduled to appear in court on July 9.

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