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Hanson On Their New Album, Nine Children, MmmHops Beer, And Justin Bieber's Monkey (VIDEO)

Hanson is back on the scene with their sixth studio album, "Anthem." They've been making music for 21 years and they've learned a thing or two about how to navigate life in the spotlight.

The pop rock trio weighed in on Justin Bieber as the teen star continues to make headlines for making missteps under the glare of Hollywood's microscope.

"When you have success doing anything there's an extreme amount of pressure," Taylor Hanson shared. "I think you need to be surrounded by people who tell you how it actually is versus how you want to hear it. It does seem like he doesn't have a lot of people going 'you know what, why don't you just not bring that monkey?"

Between the Hanson brothers, Isaac, Taylor and Zac have nine children, with another one on the way for Zac this fall.

"We've got enough kids now that they could run the tour," Taylor laughs. "We've got bus drivers… roadies!"

But will their mini-me's, all under the age of 10, start their own band Hanson 2.0?

"Music is definitely in the DNA," Taylor revealed, while Isaac said, "Time will tell. If our kids want to do music, they are going to have to have a hard road to tow just like any other band under the sun and they're going to have to want it more than anyone else… I'm sure if they are talented enough and excited enough about it they will do it."

Of course, it all started with infectious classic "MMMBop" back in 1996. They've played it thousands of times, but the guys insist they aren't sick of it – yet!

"We know that feeling of wanting to go see your favourite band and hear those songs that you identify with and love," Zac said.

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