07/03/2013 12:48 EDT | Updated 09/02/2013 05:12 EDT

High River Flood Victims Call For Volunteers

Now that the province has lifted entry restrictions into High River, the call is going out for volunteers to help residents of the southern Alberta town clean up their flood-devastated community.

In contrast to Calgary, where volunteers descended on affected areas, High River residents have largely had to rely on themselves because so few people have been allowed into the town.

In Brittany Huntington’s basement, there’s mould on the walls, mounds of mud layering the floor, piles of soggy furniture and the stench of sewage.

"Everything's ruined. It looks like they resurrected the Titanic."

But she has barely started cleaning up because she’s been busy helping her next door neighbour.

"Everyone's like, 'come help, come help'. And everyone's like: 'we're in the same position,’” she said.

Huntington said any help, big or small, would be welcome.

As Kerri Kaybeary sifts through the remains of her downtown gift store — its walls knocked down, her inventory carried off by the water — she says it might be too late for help.

"At this point I don't know. There's not really anything here to save,” she said.

Archie Benekos, who owns a business in downtown High River, said his town needs a helping hand.

“Whoever can, come out here and help. Help the local people to clean up and get High River going again. All the local people are down on their luck,” he said.

The province is asking volunteers to bring the necessary equipment, like boots, masks, shovels, and garbage bags with them.

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