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Calgary Flooding Infographic Illustrates City's Ordeal (PHOTOS)

An infographic released by the City of Calgary illustrates the city's ordeal during the flood that devastated parts of the city and shut down its downtown core.

Divided into four parts, the flood, fallout, response and recovery, the infographic demonstrates the extent of the damage Calgary faced, and its quicker-than-expected recovery.

The Bow River's flow peaked at eight times its regular flow and three times when compared to flood in Calgary in 2005.

Twenty-six communities were evacuated, as a result of the flood. It affected 110,000 Calgarians, closed 20 bridges, flooded 30 parks and shut down 16 C-Train stations.

The infographic states 34,000 locations across town were without power and more than 1,600 people registered at community support centres on the first day.

For the response and recovery, over a thousand kilometres of roads in downtown were swept, more than 11,000 flood assessments were completed and 80 per cent of the road network affected was restored in the first seven days.

Here's a look at the full infographic:

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