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Feminist Jose Bautista: The Best Tumblr Page We've Seen All Day (PHOTOS, TWEETS)

Move over feminist Ryan Gosling, there's a new equality-preaching heartthrob in town.

Say hello to feminist José Bautista, an insightful take on glass ceilings, rape culture and patriarchal oppression.

Sounds a bit far-fetched for a Toronto Blue Jay's player, but with a mix of baseball imagery and an oh-so-perfect take on feminism, one Tumblr user has definitely hit a home run.

Some of our favourite quotes include: "My swing is like Judith Butler’s view on gender; a rigid manufactured construct enforced by repetition" and "I never steal a base unless I get the green light from my coach…Because opportunity doesn’t imply consent." Swoon!

Last year, we saw similar love for Ryan Gosling's "Hey Girl" Tumblr page which later turned into a book. Feminism may just be Bautista's new calling.

Scroll down for some of our favourite pictures and tweets and click here for more.

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