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Makeup Experiment: Girl Posts Surprising Reactions To Her Appearance (PHOTO)

If you've ever wondered whether friends, people at work, or just plain ol' strangers judge you for wearing too much (or too little) makeup, here's a scary answer: They do.

A Reddit user posted a photo collage of her face in various stages of makeup ranging from a completely bare face to a lipstick, mascara, eyeshadow and powder-covered visage.

The girl's "social experiment"? Under each pic she quoted comments she received about her appearance and the results are a bit surprising (and kinda depressing.)

When the pretty brunette wore absolutely no makeup, comments ranged from "You look so tired!" to "Are you sick?" Whereas when the wide-eyed beauty wore natural "no makeup makeup" she was told "you look so lovely without makeup!" Um, what?

Unfortunately, even when the young woman wore makeup which highlighted her gorgeous features, she was asked "Why are you wearing so much makeup?" Women just can't win!

The disturbing hypocrisy is especially prevalent when it comes to society judging women celebrities, who are constantly criticized for not wearing makeup when they're out in public (how dare they?) and judged when they wear too much makeup. (Even hot porn stars get judged for going (no pun intended) bare!)

What do you think? Do you think you get judged for how much (or little) makeup you wear?

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These celebs don't care if they wear makeup or not:

Stars With and Without Makeup
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