07/04/2013 04:10 EDT | Updated 09/03/2013 05:12 EDT

Michel Brule, Montreal Mayoral Candidate, Considers Americans Obese, Dumb

MONTREAL - Here's some fourth of July news for Americans: a man running for mayor of Montreal considers them dumb, obese, imbecilic, classless ignoramuses.

Staunch Quebec separatist Michel Brule (Brew-lay) today announced his long-shot candidacy for the November election.

The book publisher, writer, and ex-bar owner says he doesn't expect English-speaking Montrealers to vote for him — and that he isn't working to get their support anyway.

He has written extensively in the past about English, which he says is not a nice language. For example, he points to the capitalized first-person singular in English — "I" — as a sign of individualism.

In a recent piece for Le Devoir — titled "For or against Anglo-American cultural imperialism?" — he bemoans the omnipresence of English culture and says the language of Paul McCartney is also the language of the genocide of aboriginal peoples and the Acadian deportations.

And he appears less than enamoured with Americans. He told Metro newspaper in 2009 that not all Americans are dumb, obese, imbecilic, uncultured ignoramuses — only about 80 per cent of them.

It's unclear what sort of a constituency Brule's message might gain him.

He is not considered among the three main front-runners for the race. And, in the last campaign, a candidate who questioned the official story of the 9-11 attacks was grilled over his views and finished third.

That third-place candidate from the last race, Richard Bergeron, is running again as head of a prominent local grassroots party.

The two presumed front-runners are former immigration minister Denis Coderre and Marcel Cote, a fellow at Harvard University, economist, businessman, management consultant, local philanthropist, and official in the Prime Minister's Office of Brian Mulroney.

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