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Sky Deutschland Ads Could Go Directly To Your Brain

Auto-play videos on websites getting you down?

Try getting auto-played directly to your brain.

According to the BBC, a German company is conspiring to do just that with its new ad platform -- essentially firing up a commercial every time you lean your head against a train window.

That's right, aspiring existentialists. No more waxing tragic, while gazing upon Europe's rolling landscape. Just someone else's inner voice, ringing in your skull.

At least, that's what an ad agency is proposing, on behalf of broadcaster Sky Deutschland.

Dubbed 'The Talking Window,' the campaign previewed at the International Festival of Creativity in Cannes in June. The campaign, the Verge reports, is only awaiting approval from Sky Deutschland.

The idea is to use bone induction technology -- a technique that bypasses parts of the ear entirely to beam sound directly to its innermost part, where nerve impulses are sent to the brain.

In effect, bone induction gives the sensation of having sound come from inside your head.

Early response to a Sky Deutschland video posted on YouTube, however, has users suggesting the company is out of its mind.

Comments on YouTube may sum it up best.

"This is a violation to a person's right to rest," one viewer wrote.

Another put it with a tad less subtlety.

"I think I'd take a sledgehammer to the window."

What say you? Tell us how you really feel in the comment section below.

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