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World's Most Expensive Bed: Kate Middleton Would Feel At Home In $175,000 Royal State (VIDEO)

Do you think Savoir Beds had Kate Middleton in mind when they set out to make the world's most expensive bed?

We're sure the Duchess of Cambridge (and probably Prince William) would feel right at home sleeping in the bed dubbed the "Royal State" which retails for a whopping $175,000. (Now that is a King's ransom!)

According to Savoir Beds' Alistair Hughes, the luxurious bed taks almost 700 hours to build.

"There's an amazing amount of skilled craftsmanship that goes into it the crest on top," says Hughes, "which literally takes 70 hours by the same people that did Kate Middleton's wedding dress at the Royal School of Needlework at Hampton Court."

Although this bed isn't cheap, Hughes says that the "investment" can last hundreds of years which would cost buyers only "a few pounds a day." Well, in that case, we'd be getting a great deal!

Potential buyers may have to fight with a few royals, perhaps even Queen Elizabeth herself, for a custom-crafted pillow receptacle, as only 60 of the Royal State beds are being made in honour of the 60th anniversary of the Queen's coronation.

We sense a great royal baby gift idea! (It wouldn't be the strangest baby present; nope, that honour goes to the pack of condoms the Finnish government gifted Kate and William with.)

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