07/05/2013 01:06 EDT | Updated 07/05/2013 01:08 EDT

EU Is 'Hideously Complicated,' So Here Are The Key Facts (VIDEO)

Canada is set to enter a massive free trade deal with the European Union, so now might be a good time to learn a little something about the unusual organization.

The EU is ridiculously complicated, beset by rules that carry oodles of asterisks. The union is so confusing that even CGPGrey, one of the web's best sources of explanations, struggles to break down how it works in a new video.

The clip is still well worth watching though, especially as Canada considers linking its economic fate to a body that has been in monetary turmoil for the last half decade and which seems to have an almost perverse love of bureaucracy.

Then again, it is a lovely place to vacation. Check out some of the best spots on the continent in the gallery below.

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