07/05/2013 09:52 EDT

Gillian Anderson's 'The X-Files' Days Are Long Behind Her: Actress Goes Glam At Kensington Palace (PHOTOS)

Gillian Anderson may have left Dana Scully behind but "The X-Files" star still looks gorgeous.

The 44-year-old went classic glam at the Fashion Rules exhibition at Kensington Palace on Thursday, wearing a chic strapless WilliamVintage gown which featured a diagonal button-up bustier and an ankle-length pleated skirt.

But where was the "Hannibal" actress' fiery red locks? "The Fall" star seemed to want to leave the past firmly behind her and rocked honey blond hair which she piled high on her head in a messy, but elegant 'do.

Of course, no woman at the Queen of England's home can leave out accessories; the blue-eyed hottie wore a stunning diamond necklace, black peep-toe heels and a cute clutch which we're sure Kate Middleton would covet.

Speaking of the Duchess of Cambridge, wouldn't it have been wild if the royal had gone into labour at Kensington Palace and Gillian had to drive her to St. Mary's Hospital? Okay, we're just dreaming here, but it could be a good idea for a TV show and we would totally cast David Duchovny as Prince William. (Or maybe we just miss Mulder and Scully a bit too much.)

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We love you, Gillian!

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