07/05/2013 00:46 EDT | Updated 09/03/2013 05:12 EDT

Tea time cancelled on Chilliwack's Teapot Hill

For years, hikers have been putting teapots on Chilliwack's Teapot Hill in Cultus Lake Provincial Park, but this spring the woodland tea party was cancelled when most of the teapots were removed by park staff.

The area was named Teapot Hill in the 1940s by a logger who found a teapot on the hill. In recent years someone began leaving teapots on the trail for others to find.

Sam Waddington, the owner of Mt. Waddington's Outdoors and a lifelong resident of the area, says at least 30 teapots were removed because of the litter they were creating.

"There was a bit of an issue, some people had gone up and smashed some of these teapots, and some of them being ceramic…it becomes litter basically," said Waddington.

Waddington says the park is also host to a rare species of orchid and park staff don't want people wandering off the trail and trampling them in their efforts to hide or find teapots.

He says he hopes there can be a compromise between preserving the trail's natural wildlife and people individualizing the hill.