07/08/2013 06:01 EDT | Updated 09/07/2013 05:12 EDT

Deaths on Saskatchewan highway renew calls for twinning

ESTEVAN, Sask. - Three recent traffic deaths have prompted calls once again for the Saskatchewan government to twin two sections of highway from Regina to the U.S. border.

An Estevan-based group called "Time To Twin" has been lobbying the government for years to do the work on Highways 6 and 39.

Organizer Marge Young says there are people in the southern city of Estevan who are afraid to drive to Regina using the roads because of the heavy amount of truck traffic.

She says it only makes sense that the government would twin the busy sections.

Saskatchewan Government Insurance says 61 people have died on the stretch of highway since 2002.

A 63-year-old woman and two people in their 20s died on Highway 6 just south of Regina on the Canada Day long weekend in a head-on collision between a car and pickup truck.

Young points out that former highways minister Wayne Elhard said back in 2008 that the highway should be twinned.

"There's just a huge amount of activity," Young said Monday. "The fact that it's an international trade route for North Portal (on the border) to Regina, that in itself warrants that it should be twinned."