07/08/2013 09:59 EDT | Updated 09/07/2013 05:12 EDT

Pro-Patio Politician Aims To Quell Granville's Sidewalk Chaos


A few years after the City of Vancouver redesigned the downtown strip of Granville Street, Non-Partisan Association city councillor George Affleck says it needs to change.

Affleck, who lives in Yaletown, says the street and sidewalks are difficult to navigate.

"I live downtown, and I walk down Granville Street and it's a bit of an obstacle course, " said Affleck in an interview with guest host Matthew Lazin-Ryder, on CBC Radio's One's On the Coast.

Instead of the sidewalk parking, scattered bike racks and benches that are in place now, Affleck wants to see more restaurant patio seating along the street, and regular on-street parking put back into effect.

"First we have to get the cars off the sidewalks. That will give you a normal sidewalk street experience because it will help the restaurants and the sidewalks," said Affleck.

Known as Granville's entertainment district, the stretch of road is often characterized by litter and loud, intoxicated people at night as they leave the many bars and nightclubs.

"We pretty much have a moratorium on anything on Granville Street because of the chaos that we're seeing there, " said Affleck. "It's fun, absolutely. I know what that experience is like, but we have to look at more diverse opportunities along that street."

The city councillor pointed to Gastown as an example of what he'd like to see along Granville, saying that once the city added street parking to Water Street, that helped encourage more businesses to open and a greater mix of people to visit the neighbourhood.

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