07/08/2013 01:13 EDT | Updated 09/07/2013 05:12 EDT

Guzoo Whistleblower: Video Shows Dead Animals Piled Up At Zoo, RCMP Investigate Trespassing (GRAPHIC)

THREE HILLS, Alta. - The owner of a beleaguered private zoo in Alberta says people who secretly shot a behind-the-scenes video of his cages and animals are nothing but domestic terrorists.

Guzoo owner Lynn Gustafson said he has filed a trespassing complaint with RCMP over the video, which was shot on the Canada Day weekend and has been posted on YouTube.

The video, shot by a self-proclaimed unidentified whistleblower, shows graphic pictures of dirty cages, maggots in a feeding bowl and dead animals at the facility near Three Hills in central Alberta.

"Domestic terrorists is what they are," Gustafson said Monday. "The government has six months to do something about this group ... or I will shut my gates to the public. It will be for my family and my friends."

The video is just the latest problem facing the family-owned facility.

In May, Gustafson called RCMP after someone cut holes in the fences around Guzoo, which is home to more than 400 animals, including a lion, a tiger, wolves, bears, bison, lemurs, camels, coyotes and emus, as well as domestic critters.

Guzoo has been the focus of animal abuse concerns since it opened in 1990. In March 2011 someone posted pictures of a goat with its face covered in blood on Facebook.

The Alberta government ordered Guzoo shut down in 2011 over concerns about animal care, but later reversed its decision.

The province granted the zoo a new one-year operating licence in April.

Carrie Sancartier, a spokeswoman with Alberta Environment, which regulates zoos, said government officials have reviewed the video.

"We have seen the video and we are going to be following up to learn more about the information contained in the video, she said.

The zoo could face warnings, court orders or prosecutions if it has breached Alberta's Wildlife Act or Animal Protection Act.

Last fall, the government said an inspection of the zoo's operations in July 2012 showed no problems with the health or condition of the animals.

Gustafson declined to comment on the content of the video. He said the animal welfare activists are mentally unstable.

"They have been here about four times now. They have escalated. When this started out it was just a verbal thing a couple of years ago," he said.

"Now they start damaging property and breaking and entering. Who knows what will be next?"

A group called the Council of Concerned Albertans for Animal Welfare and Public Safety posted still photographs of Guzoo on its Facebook page along with a link to the video.

Devon McDonald, president of the group, said it has filed a complaint with the provincial government over conditions at the zoo. She said the zoo is not following government animal welfare guidelines and must be shut down.

The group posted a statement about the images on its website.

"CCAAWPS feels this is the most damning evidence to date, depicting the extremely neglectful and substandard operations at Guzoo, that have always existed and continue to exist," reads the statement.

Over the years people have lodged complaints with the Alberta Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and the province.

Gustafson said an ASPCA officer was at Guzoo on Friday to investigate a complaint that was sparked by the video, but he said no charges were laid.

The association said it investigates complaints, but won't comment on investigations unless a charge is laid.

Gustafson said the ongoing controversy over Guzoo, which promotes itself as a "Licenced Zoo and Animal Sanctuary," is not hurting business.

"This is the best summer we have had," he said, estimating the zoo draws around 500 people on a busy day.

"Mother's Day was a record day for attendance and yesterday (Sunday) beat that again.

"It is kind of gratifying. We must be doing something right."

— By John Cotter in Edmonton