07/08/2013 06:37 EDT

Port Moody Alleged Police Brutality Posted To YouTube (VIDEO)

An 18-second video alleging excessive force during an arrest shortly after midnight Saturday in Port Moody has been posted to YouTube.

The brief clip shows a man being forced to the ground by an officer with his hands around the man's throat, but it is unclear what motivated the police officer's actions, Josh Paterson, executive director of the B.C. Civil Liberties Association told The Province.

"Hard to see exactly what happened in the moment before the slamming down, but it does raise a question about whether use of force was appropriate,” Paterson said.

After the man is on the ground, a voice can be heard on the video - albeit faintly - saying, "You will do exactly what you are told".

Port Moody police issued a media statement Monday saying they were reviewing the incident, which followed a 911 call from staff at the Golden Spike pub. A man and a woman were arguing outside the pub and the man was attempting to fight the security staff, the statement says. Both he and the woman had been ejected from the premises after assaulting and threatening employees.

"An officer placed the 30-year-old Coquitlam male under arrest for intoxication in a public place and causing a disturbance," the statement continues. "Despite multiple warnings, the male was uncooperative during the arrest and was subsequently taken to the ground. Both parties were arrested and taken to cells where they were released when sober."

Port Moody police say that they can make no further comment while their review of the incident is underway.

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