07/08/2013 09:25 EDT | Updated 07/09/2013 02:32 EDT

Rob Ford vs. Toronto Storm: Mayor's Account Fumbles Weather Info, Twitterverse Pounces

It was natural that when a major storm system hit Toronto on Monday, citizens would want a mayor. But not their own, exactly.

Those residents who were tweeting during the torrential downpour didn't waste an opportunity to send quippy Rob Ford tweets out while the rain drenched and flooded areas around the city, including the subways the Toronto Mayor so fiercely advocates.

Some blamed Ford, some brought the joke back to the mayor's recent crack scandal, and others just pined for Naheed Nenshi, Calgary's mayor, whose recent work leading the city through its devastating floods won him almost universal praise.

Ford's handling of the storm on Twitter unfortunately didn't win him any fans either. One hashtag summed it up: #NotNenshi

When the mayor tweeted an erroneous tweet in the afternoon that was surely meant to be reassuring, it didn't go well:

"RT@TOMayorFord Latest from City Staff: 30-40 cm of intense rainfall in short period. The worst is over. North York and Downtown hit hardest."

The mayor's use of centimetres instead of millimetres (the standard measurement for rain) was noted, but when the tweet was deleted a short time after, it drew even more attention:

"Did Mayor Ford's account post and then delete a "the worst is over" tweet?"

Ford's account reposted the almost identical tweet hours later, when the worst really did appear to have passed. But it was too late. The Rob Ford storm parody pics had already begun.

So where was Ford during this time of need?

According to Toronto Sun reporter Don Peat, power was out at Ford's home and he was in his SUV trying to "stay cool" with his kids.

His brother Doug, however, reportedly did the exact opposite and was apparently spotted directing traffic at a blacked-out intersection at Dixon and Islington.

Click through the gallery to see what Toronto's Twitterverse had to say about Rob Ford vs. the storm:

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