07/08/2013 04:51 EDT | Updated 07/08/2013 05:37 EDT

Stars' Torquil Campbell To Critics Of Band's Gay-Friendly New Video: 'Your Parents Raised You Wrong'

Stars' singer Torquil Campbell took aim at naysayers today after receiving some negative remarks on the band's Facebook page about the new video for their song "Hold On When You Get Love And Let Go When It Give It." The music video featured a bevy of drag queens performing interspersed with comments from them (and premiered right here at HuffPost Music Canada).

The singer's comments were well received by many with singer Emm Gryner giving kudos to Campbell. "@torquilcampbell loving u right now," she told him via Twitter while others fans showed their support. The singer concluded with one final tweet on the issue: "one other thing to the kind of people who are offended by this video; the reason i'm in a band is to fucking offend you."

Although Campbell didn't name names, it appears one or two people on the band's Facebook page posted some disparaging comments. One, Jeffrey Seburn Hunt, said on July 3 he loved the band's music "and will continue to buy every album, but I have to strongly disagree about this."

Hunt, who added that we are "all broken sexually but we shouldn't celebrate it," replied to another poster who criticized Hunt's remarks. "It is impossible for a man to love a man the way a woman loves a man because nothing can replace the love of a woman, so not all love is the same," he wrote before saying humans are meant to flourish and "procreation is one part of flourishing." Hunt concluded by stating homosexual relationships "allow one to essentially love a mirror image and, is it really loving another person if that person is basically you?"

Another poster, Jason Morgan, said Stars had also lost him as a fan. "I hope you lose many more with this wrong stance in the culture war," he wrote.

Apparently, this guy missed the "good riddance bigots" tweet.

Stars will launch another U.S. trek behind their latest album "The North" in mid-September but have some festival dates coming up including a show Saturday (July 13) at the Ottawa Bluesfest and an Aug. 3 slot at Montreal's Osheaga festival.

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