07/09/2013 06:14 EDT | Updated 07/09/2013 06:25 EDT

Calgary Flooding "Laundry Fairy" Helps Bowness Flood Victims (PHOTO)

Many Albertans returned to flood-ravaged homes in June, with appliances and furniture being destroyed by water.

One Calgary resident with two young kids was looking for a way to help and noticed appliances being placed on front lawn. It gave her an idea.

Nadine, also called "Laundry Fairy" by the United Way Calgary, scribbled notes on the bottom of three laundry baskets that promised to take care of dirty clothes.

"Fill this basket and call me," said the note. "I’ll return it cleaned the next day."

"With a basin taking centre-stage in her yard, she scrubbed the silt, sludge and sewage off a neighbour’s clothes and had them back the next day — as promised," wrote Jodi Egan of the United Way, in a blog post about Nadine.

When the laundry fairy found many were too proud or "too Canadian" to take advantage of the offer, she started heating up wet face clothes and bringing them to volunteers in the neighbourhood of Bowness, an idea that continues to flourish in High River.

“I’m proud to be a Calgarian. People rallied together with a lot of kindness — which the world could use a lot more of. We lost a bit of stuff and found a community… It was amazing and unbelievable to watch," Nadine told the United Way.

Here's a look at the complete note in the laundry basket:

(Text version below)

“This might be the strangest thing you’ve ever seen written on the bottom of a laundry basket– assuming you’ve ever seen something written on a laundry basket. I’ve noticed your washer and dryer are not functional, so I’ll do your laundry. Fill this basket and call me. I’ll return it cleaned the next day. If you have the resources to wash your clothes, please pass this on to someone who doesn’t. Maybe someone with a baby or kids — they make lots of laundry. Who couldn’t use a laundry fairy for a bit?!”

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