07/09/2013 04:45 EDT | Updated 07/09/2013 06:33 EDT

Calgary Stampede 2013: The 10 Things You Definitely Should Do This Year

One of the problems with the Calgary Stampede is trying to fit in everything.

Unless you're a die-hard Stampede fan, chances are you'll only come down to the grounds once or twice during the festival.

We've logged hundred of hours in Stampede experience and have lassoed our favourite must-dos for Calgary Stampede 2013. Check them out in our slideshow below.

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9 Things You Must Do At This Years Stampede

1. Go see the Superdogs.

You've probably written off the Superdogs as "kid stuff" but you need to stop fooling yourself. Not only are these dogs extremely agile and athletic, but they are also available to visit at the end of the show and love to be petted.

2. Sit in a massage chair.

Those banks of vibrating chairs in the BMO centre are a great place to kick off your cowboy boots and catch a quick massage. Just don't sit too long or they will try to sell you one.

3. Finally buy that Stampede Lotteries ticket

Not only do you have a chance to win a dream home, new vehicle or 50/50 cash, but you'll be supporting dozens of local charitable organizations and groups.

4. Stick around for the Grandstand show

Instead of taking off from the Grandstand as soon as the chuckwagon races end, stay and take in the show. This year's performance features the Calgary Opera, Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra and Alberta Ballet, along with the Stampede's Young Canadians. We've heard it's the best show yet!

5. Try to win a buck at the chuckwagon races

Don't consider yourself a gambler but want to bet on the horses? Make your way to the Grandstand nightly for the chuckwagon races and do a bit of friendly betting with your pals. Each person picks a tarp or driver to bet on and bids $1. Whoever's wagon wins collects the money.

6. Get splashed at the Bell Aqua Ranch

One of the new attractions on grounds, the Bell aqua ranch features extreme jet skiers performing stunts in the world's largest portable pool. Each night at 11 the fountains in the pool will create a captivating water display, synced to the finale of the Grandstand show fireworks.

7. Visit the Western Oasis

Tucked in behind the travelling infomercial known as the BMO Centre is one of the Stampede's best-kept secrets: The Western Oasis. Here artists showcase their works for sale, musicians play mellow melodies and there are plenty of places to grab a low-key glass of wine or cocktail. If you need to get away from your getaway, this is the place to do it.

8. Check out the International Livestock Auctioneer Competition

Thirty-five? Thirty-five? Would you bid a thirty-five? Watch the world's best auctioneers sell brand consignment cattle and battle it out for the title of best in the world.

9. Eat. A lot.

With 31 new foods to try on park this year, ranging from deep-fried butter to a double-smoked, bacon-wrapped cheese perogy skewer, there's something for every taste. Forget the diet, let out your belt buckle and notch and indulge.

10. Catch a show at the Coca Cola Stage.

The stage has featured local, national and international artists and has a fantastic lineup this year. With the closure due to flooding of the Saddledome - normally the venue that hosts the main musical events during the Stampede - the Coke stage is where cowpokes will get their groove on this year. The shows are free with the price of admission and provide an intimate, outdoor concert experience.